The conference in Peru


On 14th and 15th of March 2016 we had a pleasure to give some presentations about the possibilities that offer Central and Eastern European markets to Peruvian companies. Our company was invited by the organizer of the conference – PROMPERU – Peru Export and Tourism Promotion Board. The presentations were held in Peruvian capital – Lima and in the city of Piura located in the northern part of Peru. The public was formed by the representatives of the associations of producers of fruit and vegetables , Peruvian companies, groups of producers of fish and seafood and the representatives from Chamber of Commerce from Lima.

Central and Eastern European countries, especially Poland, are quite new but very attractive markets for Peruvian companies. The raising purchase power and increasing consumption of tropical fruits and vegetables, fish and seafood makes that many Latin American companies look at Central and Eastern European markets with a big interest to diversify their export destinations. On the other hand Peruvian companies are attractive for European importers, as they offer high quality fruits and vegetables (asparagus, avocado, mango, chili peppers, grapes, pomegranate) and excellent fresh and frozen fish and seafood (squid, shrimps, scallops, tuna, hake , trout, eel, mahi-mahi).


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