Poland – Peru Business Forum 2013


On the 30th of September in the headquarters of The Polish Chamber of Commerce in Warsaw a Poland- Peru Business Forum was held. The event was organized due to a visit of a Peruvian business delegation accompanied by Mr. Carlos Posada, the Vice Minister of Foreign Trade. On the meeting there were also present Mrs. Marta Chavarri Dupuy, the Ambassador of Peru in Poland, and on the behalf of Poland Mrs. Beata Stelmach, the Vice Minister of the External Affairs, as well as some representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

The both sides presented wide range of market possibilities in their countries, their export and import conditions, at the same time encouraging the potential partners to consider future investments and trade cooperation between Poland and Peru. After the presentation of a significant commercial potential, bilateral talks started between the Polish and Peruvian entrepreneurs from the textile and agricultural sector. All meetings were organized and led by JML Global.

According to later opinions of the participants, no matter the sparse presence of the Peruvian companies, the meetings were very fruitful, and may lead to a future, advantageous and direct cooperation. The Peruvian entrepreneurs left the meeting with a strong idea to return, due to a vivid interest of Polish companies that they encountered in Warsaw.

The Commercial Mission of Peru in Poland ended up with a formal banquet and traditional Peruvian delicacies and Peruvian music.

We’d like to thank to all participants for their presence in Warsaw and wish You prosperous collaboration with new partners.